Land Drainage Contractors Association - About Us


Today's performance and environmental sustainability requirements make it essential to have drainage work carried out by specialist, experienced, properly equipped contractors working to recognised standards.

The LDCA is a national standard setting organisation - a trade association of contractors, manufacturers and suppliers who undertake to comply with recognised standards of workmanship and materials.

The LDCA publishes Technical Specifications for Field Drainage Schemes, Pipeline Reinstatement Drainage and Guidelines for Sportsturf Drainage Installation which set out the quality of workmanship and materials to be used in drainage and water management schemes. These standards are recognised by industry bodies and the LDCA Sportsturf Guidelines have been adopted by Sport England and the Football Foundation as the standard to which funded sportsturf drainage schemes must be carried out.

An LDCA contractor undertakes to work to these Specifications and Guidelines and to the requirements of the LDCA Quality Assurance Scheme, which also covers the use of British Standard materials, liability insurance, health & safety legislation and provision of a warranty with regard to workmanship and materials.

A list of all members, can be found in the Members Directory. This list also provides links to member's own websites, where details of the other drainage related services each member provides can be found.

The LDCA Technical Specification is available for download from the website. Additionally, there is a facility to register online to receive a newsletter of drainage information and industry news.

Founded in 1985, the LDCA provides a range of services to its members, including technical help, information on business topics and industry / legislative development. It provides the opportunity for members to meet at technical events and social activities, exchange information and discuss matters of common interest with others in the industry.

The LDCA also represents the drainage industry on a number of government and other official bodies and works closely with other organisations in all sectors of the industry, including agriculture, sportsturf, amenity, utilities and civil engineering. This reflects the diversity of work carried out by members in all aspects of drainage and water management.