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From time to time the LDCA organises Sportsturf Drainage Days which include seminars and demonstrations on sportsturf drainage.

The most recent was held at The National Sports Centre, Bisham Abbey. These LDCA Sportsturf Drainage Days are the UK and Europe's only specialist sportsturf drainage event. The day combines a morning of presentations from well known leading figures in the sportsturf world, with an afternoon of working demonstrations from the country's foremost sportsturf drainage contractors.

The talks cover the principles of sportsturf drainage, drainage systems, installation methods, as well as turf establishment, aftercare and maintenanceThe practical live demonstrations are a unique feature of the event. They show a wide variety of different types of equipment installing piped drainage systems with porous backfill, secondary treatments of sand slitting and gravel banding, decompaction, renovation, and overseeding of turf, together with static displays of turf related equipment and materials.

These events are aimed at all providers of sports and leisure turf facilities including sports and winter games pitches, golf courses, equestrian facilities, or amenity areas in parks and grounds. They are useful to those responsible for these areas in local authorities, schools colleges and universities, private sports clubs, football and rugby clubs, golf clubs, cricket clubs, racecourses and other similar facilities. For people involved with these areas such as Groundsmen and Greenkeepers the days are eligible for BASIS points and BIGGA Credits.

The purpose of these events is to raise awareness and highlight the importance of drainage in sportsturf, to provide information on drainage systems and techniques, and to demonstrate good current practice.

The LDCA Sportsturf Drainage Days have become established as one of the 'must see' events on the sportsturf calendar. The last event attracted a capacity audience of delegates from throughout the UK and overseas.

No dates are currently available for future seminars but details will be posted here when the next events have been arranged.